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audi s4 mattpacked with fulldip blue spray wrap

FullDip Matte Nardo Grey (shown).

ALL colours are MATTE as standard.

FullDip Matte Nardo Grey (shown).

PLUS gloss topcoat (FullDip Super Gloss shown).

Nardo Grey is a fairly popular colour. Scroll down to see all Nardo Grey items. Click BUY to buy an item, or click on the picture to get more information about the product.


Nardo Grey is a very easy colour to do. Ideal for 1st time spray wraps.

This will give a matte finish.

You can topcoat it with satin or glossifier to alter the finish. Or our PRO gloss & matte finishes to add fuel resistance.

You can make this metallic by simply adding the 'Metallic Maker' (see bottom).


2 light dust coats of Nardo Grey.

Then at least 3 or 4 full wet coats of the Nardo Grey.


Earlex HV2901, MS3000, FullDip FD650 or usual compressor setup 1.7-2.0 tip at 20-28 PSI

Remember on compressors, the higher the PSI, the more you waste as it floats away in the air. Yes it will be smooth, but difficult to peel as most will be on the floor. So try to go as low as possible. We find great results vs waste at about 25 PSI.


Self explanetory, shake and spray.

FullDip cans are 400ml.

Plastidip® aeros need warming.


Fulldip cans do not, but its a good habit to get into with ANY aerosol.


Fulldip 4 litre. Ready to go, shake, stir and pour into hopper and start spraying :)

Tinters / Drop-Ins

No measuring needed, simply pour the contents of the tinter into a CLEAR FullDip 4 litre or 1 US Gallon of PDS.

Make sure shake well and you get ALL the colourant out. Sometimes pigment settles and clumps at the bottom

You can add to another colour, but they are designed for a CLEAR

Instructions and video HERE

Wheel Kits

Will give you the base colour and colour to acheive the requested (shown above) colour.

Come in a matte or gloss finish

See our wheel kit explanation HERE

These kits will usually do upto a set of 19" front faces perfectly.

Starter Kits

Order the correct kit in these stages;

Get the correct size for your car (email us if required)

The kit comes with a FullDip FD650. Upgrade gun to an Earlex HV2901 or and MS3000 (you can choose once you add a kit to the cart)

Add a PRO addon kit if required.

Add some Glossifier to make shiny.



Plastidip do not do this colour. You can make it easily though. Use a 1 US Gallon PDS and add a FulDip Drop In. Mix and you have a PlastiDip sprayable version. 

Wheel Kits

FullDip Wheel Kit - NARDO GREY - Matte
£ 30.85(34.55 €)
(-13.58%) £ 26.66(29.86 €)
FullDip Wheel Kit - NARDO GREY - Gloss
£ 37.52(42.02 €)
(-13.62%) £ 32.41(36.30 €)

Starter Kits

Starter Kit A NARDO GREY
£ 143.15(160.33 €)
(-7.79%) £ 132.00(147.84 €)
Starter Kit B NARDO GREY
£ 210.78(236.07 €)
(-11.46%) £ 186.62(209.01 €)
Starter Kit C NARDO GREY
£ 273.93(306.80 €)
(-13.43%) £ 237.14(265.60 €)
Starter Kit D FullDip NARDO GREY
£ 342.58(383.69 €)
(-14.75%) £ 292.06(327.11 €)
Gun Upgrade - Earlex HV2901
£ 15.00(16.80 €)
Gun Upgrade - Wagner MS3000
£ 40.00(44.80 €)
FullDip Glossifier 4 Litre
£ 56.64(63.44 €)


Tyre Pen - Grey
£ 8.97(10.05 €)
Samples of colours
£ 4.99(5.59 €)